Adding Email Signature Cards on Mac

Adding a Signature Card on Mac Outlook

If you already have the link to your signature card from the Helpdesk then follow the instructions below. If you do not have the link then contact the Helpdesk to get your signature card. 

Open the link sent to you in Google Chrome

Click anywhere on the page, then click Command + A to select all.  Then, hit Command + C to to Copy

Now open Outlook
Go to “Outlook” at the top toolbar
Select “Preferences”
In the preferences menu click on “Signatures”
Click the + button at the bottom of screen
It will add this “untitled” card double click on that to change the name to something you’ll recognize
Copy and paste in the signature section as usual
Select default signatures and then the email’s account name (usually called Roanoke) and select the signature card you’ve just added as default
Open a new email to see if the signature card opens

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