Faculty/Staff Smart Phone Email Configuration

Configure Email for Android, Blackberry, and other Smart Phones

Most smart phones support the Exchange email setup of Roanoke College.  Please follow these directions to send/receive email on your smart phone:

  • Go to your Email Account Settings on your phone
  • Server Address: Type in webmail.roanoke.edu
  • Check: SSL connection
  • Next
  • Type in Username
  • Password (this is your login password … watch as you type to make sure you are hitting correct keys)
  • Type in: Academic under domain
  • Check: Save Password
  • Next
  • Make sure all the data boxes are checked: Contacts, Calendar, Email and Task
  • Finish

At this point you should see the Contacts, folders, etc. dropping in. If you get an error, it is usually because you have typed in the password incorrectly.

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