Follow along with Ingeniux Training:

  1. What is a CMS
  2. NEW – What if my existing page won’t check-in
  3. NEW – How do I edit my page using the In Context Edit mode?
  4. Login Ingeniux
  5. Getting Around in Ingeniux – DashboardSiteAssets
  6. Create a New Page
  7. Create a New Virtual Link (Can be to an External, Internal or Asset destination)
  8. Mark a Page or Asset for Publish
  9. Edit a Page
  10. Insert an Internal Link
  11. Insert an External Link
  12. Upload a Document
  13. Insert a Document Link
  14. Insert an Email Link
  15. Create and Link to an Anchor (Table of Contents)
  16. Insert a Link to a Phone Number
  17. Make a Button
  18. Upload an Image
  19. Edit, Resize, and Crop Images
  20. Insert an Image
  21. Publish
  22. Websites & Roanoke’s Accessibility Policy