Copying and Pasting Text in Ingeniux

Copying and Pasting Text

If you just have a little bit of text:

  • Paste text using the Paste Text Only option
  • You may need to add bold or italics back

For full articles or lots of formatted text:

  • Paste – Paste text using the Keep Source Formatting option
  • Add formatting – Finally, you need to go back through the text in Ingeniux and apply bold and italics where necessary.  (The clean up tool removes it while removing other unwanted code.)


Video Tutorial

[vimeo 100120193 w=800 h=450]

Time  – Topic
00:00 – What is Ingeniux?
02:11 – Logging onto Ingeniux
03:34 – Creating a new page
05:13 – Editing a page
07:05 – Insert a link within Ingeniux
08:30 – Insert a link outside of Ingeniux
10:44 – Uploading and linking to a document
13:43 – Insert an email link
15:09 – Insert a picture
19:24 – Publishing a page
21:58 – Coping and pasting text

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