General Ingeniux Tip & Tricks

Other tips & tricks

  • Long URLs – Be careful with extremely long links, because they can push out the table and cause the page to be messed up since they don’t wrap. Try linking text instead of listing the actual URL. For example:
  • Go to the Brown website at
  • Using Quotes in Teaser Text – The feature story component won’t work unless you enter the quotes in a particular way in Ingeniux. Press the alt key and then the numbers below to make the quotes. “ – alt 0147 ” – alt 0148
  • Link color – If the link color is wrong (usually blue), then it’s most likely because the text is not inside of a paragraph tag.  Check the code on the HTML tab. For example:
  • Missing the tag: Text
  • With the tag: <p>Text</p>
  • Assign To – For larger projects and new pages that shouldn’t be published yet, make sure to never check the pages in.  If someone else needs to work on it, Assign the page to that person by right clicking the page and selecting Assign To
  • X Number – You can press the Control key and mouse over any page in the tree to see the x number


Video Tutorial

[vimeo 100120193 w=800 h=450]

Time  – Topic
00:00 – What is Ingeniux?
02:11 – Logging onto Ingeniux
03:34 – Creating a new page
05:13 – Editing a page
07:05 – Insert a link within Ingeniux
08:30 – Insert a link outside of Ingeniux
10:44 – Uploading and linking to a document
13:43 – Insert an email link
15:09 – Insert a picture
19:24 – Publishing a page
21:58 – Coping and pasting text

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