Inquire Training – Creating a Gradebook

Step 1

Within your course in Inquire, locate the Administration box on the left hand side of the page and, under Course administration, click on Gradebook setup.


Step 2

Creating categories in your gradebook will allow you to separate graded items into groups such as homework, tests, and papers. To create a category, click on the Add category button. In the next page that opens, you will be asked to provide a category name, select the aggregation, and change other settings. Click Save changes when finished.

Step 3

Add grade items for activities that are not created, submitted, or graded within Inquire. Some examples might be papers or tests taken during class and handed into the professor. To add a grade item, click the Add grade item button. In the next page that opens, you are asked to provide the item name and may change any of the other settings. Click Save changes when finished.

Definitions of some of the aggregation types:

Mean of grades is the sum of all grades divided by the total number of grades.

The weighted mean category means that each grade item can be given a weight, which is then used in the arithmetic mean aggregation to influence the importance of each item in the overall mean. In simple terms, the category “total” will be equal to the sum of the scores in each grade item, these scores being multiplied by the grade items’ weights, and that sum being finally divided by the sum of the weights. More information about setting up weights can be found on Inquire Training – Gradebook Aggregation page.

The simple weighted mean is different from the weighted mean in that weight is calculated as Maximum grade – Minimum grade for each item. 100 point assignment has weight 100, 10 point assignment has weight 10.

When the simple weighted mean aggregation strategy is used, a grade item can act as Extra credit for the category. This means that the grade item’s maximum grade will not be added to the category total’s maximum grade, but the item’s grade will. For example, if A3 is marked as extra credit in the above calculation:

More information about the other available aggregation options is available at

Additional Information

The symbol which looks like   allows you to move items into other positions. This is helpful if a grade item needs to be moved into a different category or if you simply wish to rearrange what items you see first in the gradebook.

Click Edit and then the  eyeball symbol to hide grade items or categories in the gradebook so that students cannot see the category or item. NOTE: Hidden items in the gradebook will cause the Course Total to not display for the students.

In the Export tab of the gradebook, you can export the gradebook’s data into an Excel sheet.