Inquire Training – Importing Course Content

Step 1

Locate the course in Inquire that you wish to import the old course content into.

Step 2

Locate the Import link on the left side of the webpage in the Administration box.


Step 3

After clicking on the import link, a search bar will appear as well as a listing of courses. In the search bar, type in the name of the course that you are wanting to import content from. The more specific your information is, such as including year, term, and section ID, the less results you will have to filter through. After locating the course you want to import into your new course, select it by pressing on the radio button and then press continue.


Step 4

Click Next on the screens that will follow. Be sure to deselect any content that you do not wish to import. Continue to click Next until you get to Backup settings screen. Then click Perform import button after double checking that you are importing from the correct course.

Step 5

A screen will display saying that the import completed. Click continue to return to the course and see the imported content.

Additional Information

If the course did not appear to import correctly you may have “orphaned sections.” This occurs when the number of sections in the new course is less than the old course. To remedy this, go to course administration – edit settings – course format – sections and use the pull down tab to add additional sections. Then press save changes and return to the course. The orphaned sections should now be visible.

TurnItIn assignments will import, but they will not function as new TurnItIn assignments must be created with each new course.