Inquire Training – Sending Email to Students in Your Course

It is recommended that the Quick Mail function available in Inquire (Moodle) not be relied upon to send important emails to students enrolled in your course. It is a known issue that sometimes not all students will receive email sent through Inquire. This happens most often when there is an attachment to the email.

As an alternative to sending emails through Quick Mail, you might consider using the Roster in the Campus Directory to send an email to your class.

1. Head to and log in to view your course roster.

Roanoke College directory log in

2. You should then see a rosters section where you may select the term and class. Click on the class you would like to view the roster for.

Course roster box after log in.

3. You will then see all of the enrolled students in your course along with their picture and contact information. You would also see a button that says “Email Roster.”

Roster options

4. After clicking the “Email Roster” button, a window will open where you can compose the email and browse your computer to attach a file. The roster is emailed using your Roanoke College email address.

Emailing a roster