Inquire Training – Taking Attendance

Inquire provides the option of taking attendance within your course and adding that to the gradebook.

Step 1

To add the attendance module to a course, go to the course and click Turn editing on in the top right corner of the page.

turn editing on button

Step 2

Locate the topic number that you wish to place the attendance module under and click on the link Add an activity or resource.

add an activity or resource button

Step 3

In the popup that follows click on the radio button entitled Attendance then press Add.

add attendance module

Step 4

You are then prompted to edit the settings of the attendance module. Some instructors choose to hide the module from students and this can be done by selecting Hide from the Visible options located under the heading Common module settings. After making your changes, click Save and return to course.

adding a new attendance module dialogue box

Step 5

You must then set up the module to be able to record attendance. To do this, click the Attendance link on your course’s main page:

In the next page that loads, select the Add session tab. This is where you will tell the attendance module when and how often your course meets.

Use the drop down menus or calendar function to select the first day and time that your course meets.

In the Multiple sessions section, be sure to select the box next to Repeat the session above as follows.

Select the days that your course repeats (for example, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday).

If your course meets weekly, leave the default Frequency set to 1 week(s).

Use the drop down menus or the calendar function to set the last day of your course or repeat until.

Click Add.

Step 6

In the Sessions tab of the attendance module is where you will record attendance. Note that you can view the sessions by Months, Weeks, or Days by clicking on the buttons on the right under the tabs.

To record attendance click on the green ball on the right side of the row under Actions:

You should then see the list of enrolled students in your course with the options to select P, L, E, or A for each. There is also a box to add comments. Click Save attendance when finished.

  • P = Present
  • L = Late
  • E = Excused
  • A = Absent

Step 7

The attendance module is automatically added to the gradebook. Click on Grades under Administration in the left column to view the gradebook.

Clicking the Setup tab will provide options to add weight to attendance and allow you the option to hide attendance from the students’ view.

Additional instructions from Moodle.