Inquire Training – Working with Assignments

Step 1

To add an assignment to a course, go to the course and click Turn editing on button in the top, right corner of the page. This will allow you to edit the look of the course and add assignments, quizzes, or documents.

turn editing on button

Step 2

Locate the section that you wish to place the assignment under and click on the link called Add an activity or resource.

add an activity or resource button

Step 3

In the window that opens, click on the radio button entitled Assignment, then click Add.


Step 4

You will be asked to provide an assignment name and description of the assignment. Other settings are available for editing as well such as due date and the type of submission the assignment will accept.

For more information on specific settings, please refer to

Step 5

Once the changes to the assignment are complete, click Save and return to course.

Step 6

Students may now submit their work to the assignments provided that the availability date in the assignment settings is open. To view submitted assignments, click on the assignment in the course and then select View/grade all submissions.

Step 7

To view and grade a student’s uploaded file, click on the Grade button.

Step 8

This will open a new page where the student’s document has been converted to a PDF and you will be able to add comments and assign a grade. Be sure to click the Save changes when you are finished.

View a video tutorial on how to add annotations to the student’s assignment file.

Step 9

This grade will be automatically reflected in your gradebook. To view the grades, go to the course’s main page and in the Administration box, click Grades. The gradebook will show up with the grade already entered. If you wish to override the grade for any reason select Turn editing on at the top of the gradebook. Erase the old grade and enter the new grade in the left box then press the Save changes button at the bottom of the page. This will turn that grade item yellow in the gradebook, which merely indicates it was overwritten.