Getting to Know Your New Cisco IP Phone

Getting to Know the Buttons on your New Phone

Your new phone looks different, but still maintains the same functionality.

volume control button     Adjusts the handset and ringer volume

speaker phone button      Places the current call on speakerphone

     Places the current call on hold

    Transfers the current call

     Mutes the current call

     Ends the current call

     Access your voicemail

    Creates a conference call

Making Calls

If you need to call an on campus number, you can dial the four digit office extension. A complete listing of faculty, staff, and students can be found at

If you need to make a local call, you will need to dial 9, then the local phone number (without area code).

If you need to make a long distance phone call, you can dial 9, then 1 then the full phone number (with area code)

When you need to make call, you can simply lift the phone receiver.

If you have multiple lines on your phone, you will automatically call out from the line selected in blue.

If you need to call from another line, press the button on the left to highlight the line in blue, then lift the receiver.