Trouble Getting to Roanoke Email for Students

Sometimes students and alumni will have trouble getting to the student email. This is usually for one or two reasons:

I’m on and getting told “user does not have permissions to access this website”

This means that your My Roanoke password as expired. You can call the Helpdesk to get this reset or you can go straight to and login with your email credentials as those do not expire like your My Roanoke password does.

I went to and it’s not letting me login/acting like I don’t have an email account:

Roanoke’s student email was upgraded by Microsoft in the summer of 2013 to be no longer on but Office 365. That means you can no longer login to e-mail via Outlook, Hotmail or other websites like you could in the past. You now need to go to or through My Roanoke.

I went to and it’s still not letting me login/acting like I don’t have an email account:

Does it say Outlook or Office 365 on the page you’re on? If it says Outlook the website address got pointed to the wrong website which can happen when you’ve been to Outlook or Hotmail recently. Clear your browser history and then try going to again. If you do not know how to clear your browser history here are some browser specific tutorials:

Internet ExplorerGoogle ChromeMozilla Firefox

If it does say Office 365 and it’s not letting you login then your password or username is incorrect. Make sure your username is and that you are sure you’re using your most current password. If you need your password reset call the Helpdesk at 540-375-2225.


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