Setting up Email for Android Phones

Printable Instructions are here:

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Full Instructions:

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Scroll down to and select “Accounts”.
  • The “Accounts Screen” will appear.  Now you are ready to add your Office 365 account:
    • Select “Add Account”
    • Scroll down to “Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync” or “Corporate” if Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync is not listed.


      • If you are asked for more information, you can enter the information below. If you are not, you can skip the next few steps until you see an activation screen.
      • Under Domain\Username
        • Delete what is in the box
        • Enter your RC email address ( or (
      • Under the Exchange Server box:
        • Delete what is in the box
        • Enter:


      • Activation Screen box will appear
        • Select OK
      • Remote Security Administration box will appear
        • Select OK
      • Under Account Options
        • Set how many days/months you want your email and your calendar to sync to
        • Select Next.  That will bring you to the Activate device administrator screen


        • Select “Activate”
        • Next
      • You should be done
      • Go to home screen and select your email icon and check your email


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