Accessing Technology from Off-Campus

Connecting to the Campus Network


Choose the instructions that match the operating system for your home computer. These are the instructions for a one-time install of VPN. Once installed, you can click the FortiNet VPN desktop icon and click “Connect” to make a VPN connection.

Once Connected – Options:

Once you have successfully connected to the college network through VPN, you can choose one or more of the following options, depending on your needs.

1. To Access Your Office Computer (Remote Desktop Connection):

  • First, you will need to know the name of your office computer:
    • Open File Explorer (located next to your Start button in the lower left-hand corner)
    • Right-click on This PC
    • Then click Properties
    • Scroll down until you see Full Computer Name
    • Look to the right and you will see the full name of your office computer (It should look like this:
  • On your home computer, with a VPN connection established:
    • Click the Start button in the lower left corner, and type “Remote Desktop” and select the Remote Desktop Connection app
    • Log in with your Roanoke College username and password to connect:
    • Your username should begin with ACADEMIC\ (Ex. ACADEMIC\helpdesk)
  • NOTE: The on-site computer you are connecting to must be turned on and connected to the network.

2. To Access Your Z, X, or Other Network Drives (Mapping a Network Drive):

If you do not use Remote Desktop, and simply need to access your network drive(s) follow the instructions below according to your operating system.

3. To Access Colleague:

If you do not use Remote Desktop, and simply need to access Colleague, click here.

Note: You can access many Roanoke College links through Inside Roanoke without a VPN connection.