Connecting a Google Home to the WiFi

Connecting a Google Home Mini to Wifi

  • Make sure you have the Google Home app downloaded onto your mobile device
  • After installing the app, your phone will need to be on MaroonTvGaming throughout the setup, and any time you are using the app after.

In the app:

  1. “Welcome home” click “get started”
  2. Log in with your Gmail account
  3. “Create a home” Press “get started”
  4. Tap “Set up new devices”

Follow the steps on your screen…

  1. Looking for devices
  2. Connect to power
  3. Choose the room (opt. custom room “dorm”)
  4. Choose MaroonTvGaming from the list of wireless networks
  5. Click next
  6. Type in the wifi key
  7. Once connected, you will need to enroll your devices MAC address
  8. Complete set up in-app
  9. Once complete, return your phone back to MaroonWifi!

After set up, you will see options to customize your Google Home.