Mapping a Network Drive on a Mac

In order to map a network drive from off campus, you must first be connected to the college network using VPN. Click here for instructions on setting up VPN on your Mac.

1. Click anywhere on your desktop. The top notification bar should now say finder next to the apple.

2. On the notification bar, click “Go”, then, connect to server.

3. Under server address, you will type: smb://drivepath

  1.  For your Z: drive, it will be smb://
  2. For the Y: Drive (The public drive), it will be smb://
  3. The departmental X: drive can be mapped, however the mappings for each drive vary. Please contact the helpdesk if you have any questions about what your departmental X: drive mapping is.

4. Once the path is typed in, click “Connect”.

  1.  To store this mapping for future use, click the “+” sign next to the drive path to add it to your favorite drives.

5. A dialogue box should pop up asking you to put in your username and password. *The username field is prepopulated with the computer account your computer is set up with and may not necessarily have your username listed correctly*

6. Click “Okay”.

7. A new finder window will open with the contents of the network drive once the connection has been successful.