Mapping a Network Drive in Windows 10

Mapping a Network Drive for Windows 10:

NOTE: If you are not on the Roanoke College network, you will not be able to map a network drive without being connected via VPN. Instructions for setting up VPN can be found here for Windows and here for Mac.

1. Open File Explorer

2. Click “This PC

3.  At the top select “Map a network drive

4.  For the drive menu select the letter you designate for this drive (ex. For your Z: drive, you would select Z:)

5.  In the folder field type in or copy and paste the location for your drive.

For your Z: drive, you would type: \\\zdrives\yourusername

6. Make sure “Reconnect at Sign In” is checked

6. Select “Finish

When you are asked to sign in, you may need to type ACADEMIC\username, then your password.