Ingeniux – What are components?

Ingeniux Components are re-usable blocks of structured content. They can contain multiple pieces of information like (Headline, Subhead, Image, and Content).

It is important to understand that Components can be on a page or shared across multiple pages. For this guide, we will be using only embedded components (on a page).

Components can also have components. For example, the Photo Grid is a component made up of multiple Photo Row components. The Gear icon indicates each component in Form View.

Multiple of the same component goes into a special Field called a List.

In the List you can add, edit, clear or reorder the items.

Add New” will add a new component.

The Eraser Icon will clear out the component.

The Hamburger Icon (The horizontal lines) will allow you to reorder.

The Carrot Down Icon (Downward Arrow), will allow you to edit the Component.