Roanoke College Remote Computing

Roanoke College Remote Computing

RCRC providesĀ the ability to remote into an on-campus lab computer from your own device from anywhere in the world. This gives you the ability to use software that is only available on campus while you are at home, in your dorm, or out of town.

This is particularly useful for our study abroad and commuter students. Additionally, you can print to any on-campus lab printer when you are remoted using the Roanoke College Remote Computing software.

RCRC is compatible with:
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iOS Devices
  • Android phones (beta)
  • Major web browsers

Instructions to use RCRC

From a web browser:
On a PC:
[vimeo 99363720 w=800 h=450]


On a Mac:

Download the detailed instructions below for your operating system.

[standout-css3-button href=””]Windows[/standout-css3-button][standout-css3-button href=””]Mac[/standout-css3-button][standout-css3-button href=””]Linux[/standout-css3-button][standout-css3-button href=””]iOS[/standout-css3-button][standout-css3-button href=””]Web Browser[/standout-css3-button]

Computer Software Available
  • Math (25 computers) – Minitab, Mathematica, SPSS, R, R Studio
  • Science (15 computers) – Arc GIS, Chem Draw, Symyx Draw, Spartan, Spartan Stu
  • West (20 computers) – SPSS, Stata, Acc Desktop Edu, Microsoft Expression Web, Project 2010
  • Olin (15 computers) – Adobe Pagemaker, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Sibelius 6, Photoshop Essentials

If you have any questions about RCRC please submit a ticket to the helpdesk atĀ

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