Setting Up the Microsoft Authenticator App

Part 1: Download the Microsoft Authenticator App from your device’s app store.
Part 2: Setup the Microsoft Authenticator App
  1. Open the app, read the Your privacy matters screen, the tap I agree

  2. Tap Add work or school account
  3. Choose Add Account
  4. When prompted to choose an account type, choose Work or School Account
  5. Chose Sign In
  6. Enter Roanoke College email and password
    Note: for the initial setup, you will need to authenticate through a phone call or text message code
  7. Tap Allow when asked “Authenticator” Would like to Send you Notifications
  8. Tap Finish
    Note: You can add multiple email accounts including non-RC accounts such as Gmail.
Part 3: Using the Microsoft Authenticator app

The Microsoft Authenticator app will generate a notification to your smartphone or give you a one-time code to use for verification.
This is a great option for instances where you do not have cell service and cannot receive a phone call or code via text message.

Note: You will need to be connected to wifi

  1. Sign into a system that requires MFA
  2. When asked to Verify your identity, choose one of the following options.

 Option 1: Approve a request on my Microsoft Authenticator app
A notification will be sent to your phone requesting you to Approve Sign-in? If you do not see the pop-up notification, open the Microsoft Authenticator app.When prompted, tap Approve


Option 2: Use a verification code
Open the Microsoft Authenticator app. Tap on the account you are trying to verify.
Enter the 6-digit code listed under the One-time password code. 
Note: this code changes every 30 seconds


3. Tap Verify