Setup Forgot Your Password on

How to Configure Your Profile

  • Go to Setup Password Reset option on
  • Click on My Account button
  • Enter your Roanoke College username and password
  • Click Next

Setting Up Security Questions

  • Answer Questions (must answer 2 out of the 5)
  • Click Finish

Adding Alternate Email Address to Receive Password Notices:

  • To enter an alternate email address – your Roanoke email address is listed by default
    • Click Contact Details (across top bar)
    • Enter email address
  • NOTE – When password is within 30 days of expiring you will receive email notifications at all alternate email addresses listed.
  • NOTE – When use the “Forgot Your Password” option, a temporary password will be sent to alternate email addresses listed.

How It Works

  • “Forgot Your Password?” Link will appear:
    • Login page for MyRoanoke
    • Login pages for internal web applications on the Roanoke College web site
  • Click on “Forgot Your Password?” –> You will be prompted for your username
  • One time password is sent to alternate email addresses on record
  • Enter the one time password

You will be prompted to enter a new password which allows you to access your Roanoke account. Remember that your password cannot be one that you have used recently; needs one uppercase letter; one lowercase letter; one special character or number; cannot be your first or last name; and cannot contain the word “Roanoke”. If the password does not fit the criteria, the new password will not be accepted.