How to Print using

You can easily print Word documents or PDFs from any device that has email capabilities.

To print your document:

  1. Attach your document to an email using your Roanoke College email address
  2. Send to . You will receive a confirmation email that your print job was accepted.
  3. Retrieve your print job from any lab computer located on campus using your Maroon Card.
    Note: the email you used to attach your document will be in your print queue along with your document. You can either print or delete it.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email indicating that your job was printed.

Printing a file from OneDrive:

  1. Login into your Roanoke College Outlook email on the web. Open a new email > Enter as the recipient
  2. Select the paperclip icon at the bottom of the email
  3. Select OneDrive
    Note: If you select a file from the list of “Suggested Files”, make sure the icon is the normal Word or PDF icon.
    Icons that include a cloud are “share links” and will be rejected when sent to a printer. 
    Correct file type
    – notice the icon is the normal Word icon

    Incorrect file type – notice the icon includes a cloud
  4. Under Files, select the document(s) you wish to print. Tap Next.
    Note: you can select multiple files to send at once. Each file will be sent as a separate print job.
  5. Select Attach as a copy
    Note: your document(s) will NOT be accepted as a print job if you select “Share as OneDrive links”
  6.  At this point, your attached document(s) should look like this.
    Note: The attachment icon should be the normal Word or PDF icon. If your icon includes a cloud, the print job will be rejected.
  7. Tap Send. You will receive a confirmation email if the print job was accepted or denied.
    Accepted Confirmation Email

    Denied Confirmation Email

    Notice how the “sent” email from Jacob Johnson to reads “Johnson, Jacob has shared OneDrive for Business files with you”.
    If your print job is not being received at a printer, look in your Sent folder and double check the file type that was attached. If your document was attached as a Share Link, you will need to resend the print job as a Copy attachment.

Other Printing Tips:

  • Printing from Inquire: if a document opens with a web page, you will first need to download the document and then attach it to an email. Sending the web page link as an attachment is similar to sending a Share link in OneDrive. Your print job will be denied.
  • Printing in Color: log into a lab computer and send the document directly to the printer.
    Note: not all labs have color printers
    Labs with color printers:
  • If you notice a printer is out of paper, not working properly, or your job is not being accepted, please submit a support ticket (email with the following details:
    • Building and room number of printer
    • The error message you are receiving, if any. Please include a snapshot if possible.
    • Details of what you were attempting to print.