VPN Instructions for Mac

FortiNet VPN (MacOS)

1. Go to https://vpn.roanoke.edu
2. Login
3. Click the drop-down arrow next to “Download FortiClient
4. Click “Mac
5. Click “Download” in the red box
6. On the next screen, click Download for MacOS
a. This will start a download on the right-hand side of your dock
7. Click the download once it is complete
8. From the screen below, double-click the cardboard box above “Install

9. This will open an installation wizard; click “Continue”, “Continue”, “Agree”, “Install

10. Enter in the password for your Mac
11. It will begin the install and a final screen will come up once the installation is successful. You can close the window after this. Click “Move to Trash” when asked.


Connecting to FortiClient VPN

1. Open Finder, and click “Applications” on the left side
2. Look for FortiClient in the list

3. Double-click to open
4. On the first screen that pops up, click the check box next to the acknowledgment
5. Click “I accept
6. Click “Configure VPN
7. Type in what you want to call this connection into “Connection Name” and “Description”.
8. For “Remote Gateway”, type https://vpn.roanoke.edu
a. Leave all of the other settings on the screen; see below for an example:

9. Click “Save
10. A log in screen will appear; type your RC username/password
11. Click “Connect
12. If this box appears, Open Security Preferences

13. In Security & Privacy

14. Click the lock in lower left to unlock the page
15. Sign in with your Mac password
16. Click “Allow” in the lower right corner of the window
17. Re-lock the screen
18. Go back to your VPN page and it will show that you are connected
19. When finished with your work, remember to click “Disconnect“.