VPN Instructions for Windows

FortiNet VPN (Windows)

  1. Navigate to https://vpn.roanoke.eduand sign in with Roanoke College credentials.

2. Click the drop-down arrow next to “Download FortiClient

  1. From the “Download FortiClient” drop-down, select your operating system type.

4. This will open a new tab in the browser. Select “Product Download”, under “FortiClient 7.0”, on the page that it brings up.



  1. On the next screen, scroll down until you see download options for FortiClient VPN. Select “Download” underneath your operating system type.


  1. (In Chrome) It will have downloaded a .exefile, located in the lower-left corner. When that is finished downloading, click on it.
    – You may be asked if you would like this to allow changes to your device. Go ahead and click “Yes

7. This will open a window that says “FortiClient Installer” and will prompt you to click “Install” once completed. This will open the installer wizard.


8. On the License screen, check the box when prompted to accept the license agreement, and then click “Next”. Click “Next” on the following screen. Then click “Install”. This will start the installer. Then select “Finish”.

9. Once the Install is complete, check your desktop for the FortiClient icon to open it.


Set up VPN Within FortiClient

1. Open FortiClient and sign in if it was not already running. The first screen will look like the below image. Click the box to acknowledge, then click “I accept”.

2. Then click “Configure VPN”, toward the bottom of the next window.
3. Leave SSL-VPN selected at the top. Give your connection a name and description (ex. Roanoke VPN). For the Remote Gateway, enter “https://vpn.roanoke.edu” and leave the other settings at their defaults. Click “Save”.

4. This will bring you to a login screen. Sign in with your Roanoke College Credentials and click “Connect”.

5. Once successfully connected, you will see the status on screen, like the one below. Click “Disconnect” once you are ready to end the VPN session.

Remote to Your Office Computer

Once you are connected to our network through VPN, you have the option to remote into your office computer. This will allow you to access network drives, your desktop, etc. Follow the guidelines below to remote to your office computer:

Preparation (on your office computer)

  • First you will need to know the name of your office computer.
    • Right click on This PC which should be found on the desktop
      • Then click “Properties
      • Scroll down till you see “Full Computer Name
      • Look to the right and you will see the full computer name
      • It should look like this example: D-14USERNAME.academic.roanoke.edu

Connecting to Your Office Computer from Off-site

  • First connect via VPN:
  • Click the Start button in the lower left corner, and type “Remote Desktop” and select the Remote Desktop Connection app
  • Enter the computer name or IP address of your office computer (see Preparation above).
  • Log in with your Roanoke College username and password to connect:
    a. Your username should begin with ACADEMIC\
    i. Ex. ACADEMIC\helpdesk
  • NOTE: The on-site computer you are connecting to must be turned on and connected to the network.